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Image Resizer Tool provides the ability to adjust the size of images, photos, pictures... dynamically. Everything happens in real time right at your browser, your data does not send to our sever, thus your privacy is guaranteed and the speed is superb. When the image dimensional size is adjusted, its file size in disk is adjusted accordingly. The quality reduction is negligible for normal viewing but the reduction in file size is huge. Image Resizer Tool supports cropping images before resizing. It also allows rotating, flipping the images after the cropping and resizing, which comes in handy in many cases. This tool accepts images in differrent formats (.png, .jpg, jpeg, .bmp, .gif, ...) and can publish to some common formats for the web (.jpeg, .png). Users might find this tool useful in a variety of situations:
  • Publishing images and photos on websites and keeping them loading fast
  • Sending images on the internet via emails or messages
  • Posting photos on blog, social networks
  • Including photos in Word document, PDF document
  • ...
Image Resizer Tool works in most popular browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Konqueror, Opera, and Internet Explorer (version 9 and above).